We’ve moved to Silverstone

If a year is like doing a lap of life’s track, then this year we must have set a new track record. Where did 2018 go?

Beanwave moved out of the old studio in Buckingham last Christmas and into a new studio in Silverstone, Northamptonshire. No, not because I’m a petrolhead, but we had moved house here and, conveniently, there’s a studio and workshop at the end of the garden. Handy.

And the rest was a blur. While continuing to work with existing clients dotted around the country, we did however manage to send out this Beanwave mailshot to local businesses in the Silverstone Technology Cluster. As well as the motorsport industry you would expect to find here, there are also many fascinating performance technology and engineering businesses clustered around the track that are creating innovative, cutting-edge and – I’m trying to avoid using that much abused term – disruptive tech that covers a wide range of applications.

Having already had a couple of enquiries, it goes to show that a simple bit of creative promotion really can put a tiger in your tank.

30th December 2018

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