Artist Statement

Working from his studio in Northamptonshire, James Bristow creates unique edition screenprinted work.

Self-taught, there’s a rudimentary, DIY element to his process, and happenstance is encouraged. This throws up unexpected one-off results, outweighing any idea of outcome or perfection.

The flex of the wave in Bristow’s work is pure motion. His one-off prints are sudden experiences of vitality: elegant undulations, tactile and cerebral. Formally they evoke unity in difference; their use of colour is generous. Looking at them sparks energised rumination.

The Seneca phrase “we are waves of the same sea” informs a recurring theme and motif; taking anger at inequality and division and spitting it back out in celebratory technicolour. Some might call this naive. The artist prefers words like joyful, hopeful and positive(ful).


These are selected group exhibitions.
I have not yet had a solo show, though I’m open to offers…


June-Sept : MK Calling – MK Gallery

Sept : Small & Mighty – Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers, London

July : ArtCan FIESTA! – Inky Fingers, London

Jan-Feb : Open Exhibition – The Royal Cambrian Academy of Art


Nov-Feb : Rugby Open – Rugby Art Gallery

Nov : Heseltine Open – Oxfordshire

Oct : ArtCan HOME – The Department Store, Brixton, London

Sept : FIFTEEN – Northampton Museum & Gallery

Sept : Northants Open Exhibition – Lamport Hall

June : ArtCan AMPLIFY – New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts

March : L’Atelier11 – Towcester


Nov : ING Discerning Eye – Mall Galleries, London

Yes, but where are you really from?
2023, Screenprint on canvas, 55 x 85cm
Limited edition on paper available here. MK Gallery photo credit: Rob Harris

It ain’t where you’re from, it’s where you’re at
2024, Screenprint on canvas, 95 x 135cm

Rogue Waves #7a
2023, Screenprint on paper, 42 x 60cm

Waves #11
2022, Screenprint on paper, 27 x 38cm

Waves #17
2023, Screenprint on paper, 30 x 40cm

Open Studio

Visitors are welcome to the studio (by appointment).

Click here to arrange a viewing.

Rogue Waves #5a
2023, Screenprint on paper, 42 x 60cm

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