Fail We May Sail We Must – First Edition

*Sold out,  but second edition available here.

‘Fail we may, sail we must’ – a wonderfully evocative saying that came to prominence via the late Andrew Weatherall, who himself had chanced on it through a chat with an Irish fisherman, a story that has become legend itself.

So, in the spirit of plundering and remixing into something new, here’s a limited edition screenprint mixing a 19th century woodcut with late 80s acid house. What do we call that, Screenadelica?

An edition of 33, printed in four colours (plus an after-dark psychedelic treat…) onto 350gsm Fedrigoni Arcoprint. The pink is neon which really pops, but looks much flatter on screen. The paper size is 400 x 500mm, ready to slip inside a 40x50cm frame as pictured (not included).

*Sold out,  but second edition available here.



Sold Out