Creative Christmas Card Design

It was a sweltering hot New York in July 1973 when Slade recorded their classic Christmas anthem.

I’m guessing that this old Volkswagen Christmas Card wasn’t left to the last minute, either. And I imagine anyone who received it was delighted, impressed, surprised (and a whole host of other positive responses).

Is this heading towards one of those ‘printed cards are better than e-cards’ opinion pieces? No. If it’s done with imagination and creativity, then either can be amazing. But that’s my issue with so many of the cards (print and online) that I see – there is more than a whiff of “last minute afterthought” about them, and very little creativity.

Make an effort

And it’s such a waste. Christmas is the perfect opportunity for businesses to send clients, friends and contacts something that might actually be welcomed and delight or amuse the recipient. So why wouldn’t you make an effort?

“We’re doing it for charidee, mate”

And don’t get me started on the “we’re being more eco-friendly by using email” green-wash, or “we’re making a donation to charity instead of sending cards”. Do the same people think twice before they send out post the rest of the year? Not likely. So at the one time of the year when over-indulgence and spreading good cheer is socially acceptable, that’s when they choose to rein in their excesses? Mmmm.

So, what impression are you planning to make this Christmas?

*To show we do practice what we preach, you can check out our own agency Christmas cards.

13th July 2016

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