About Beanwave

If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

At Beanwave, our belief is in the power of creativity and ideas, in beautifully-crafted graphic design and brand identities.

We provide the creative agency services you would expect – graphic design, brand identity and logo design, creative thinking, print design, packaging, website design and social media kits, direct marketing, exhibition and display graphics – and stay supple by partnering with specialist talents in animation, illustration, photography, video, copywriting, coding, and so on.

But you don’t need a menu of services, you need to stand out.

Which is why our approach is to start by digging into the detail, to really understand what makes you special, to understand your objectives and also the bigger picture and where you want to get to longer-term. And the best bit? We don’t have a rigid process with a silly acronym.

It’s just about listening.

That is probably why we have two ears but just one mouth. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have anything to say. Nope, we believe in questioning everything. We’re going to strive to make things better for you.

So whatever your thoughts, needs or wants, tell us your story. Who knows, it might turn out that your challenge requires something completely different. After all, one size does not fit all. Yet, what we do is simple.

We help brands stand out.


These are some of the people we have helped.


El Capitan

You’ve probably worked this out already, but the Beanwave way is to think and do things differently – for ourselves and for our clients.

Beanwave is led by me, James Bristow. After graduating in graphic design, my career has included stints in blue-chip brand strategy as well as design, brand management and marketing in the food industry, before bringing 20 years of design and marketing experience together as Beanwave.

As a client, you will have me personally working with you on your projects, working in conjunction with a co-operative of like-minded thinkers and doers where required. This gives Beanwave the range of talents and flexibility to take on any size project, big or small.

What am I like? Creative, inquisitive, strategic, passionate about design with a freakishly obsessive eye for detail.




Tight, incisive briefs are the lifeblood of good graphic design, but I also enjoy a freedom from commercial restraints through Beanwave Editions, a graphic arts practice creating hand-pulled screenprints here at the studio printshop.

My printmaking combines warm and vibrant colour, typography, language, pattern and texture, with a twist of quirkiness and humour. I love to make uplifting, playful work that raises a quizzical eyebrow or a smile. Yes, it’s art, but my work is never pretentious – I’m not curing cancer here.

The screenprints are printed by hand using centuries-old traditional silkscreen printing techniques. It’s very analogue and it takes time and effort, but the results speak for themselves. I only print with water-based inks, recycled and sustainably sourced papers and good old human power (plus a bit of electric).

Each print has a vibrant, colour-rich quality, with natural imperfections that you don’t get in the digital world. After all, who wants same-old-same-old when you can treat yourself to something special? Every edition is strictly limited, signed in pencil and numbered. See the prints here.

Unique prints for extraordinary interiors.