About Beanwave

“I believe in miracles, since you came along, you sexy thing”.

Quite. But we all have to believe in something, right?

At Beanwave we believe in the power of creativity and ideas, in beautifully-crafted graphic design, branding and identities.

We provide the common creative agency services you would expect – graphic design, branding and logo design, website design, printed literature, packaging, marketing ideas and strategy, advertising, digital and e-mail marketing, direct marketing, environment design and exhibitions – but we know from experience that different challenges require different solutions.

Which is why our approach is always to start by listening to you and get to really understand your objectives. From there it might turn out that your challenge requires something completely different. One size does not fit all. Yet, what we do is simple.

We help brands stand out.


These are just some of the people we have worked with.


El Capitan

You’ve probably worked this out yourself, but the Beanwave way is to think and do things differently – for ourselves and for our clients.

Beanwave is led by me, James Bristow. My career began in graphic design, took in blue-chip branding, then design and marketing in the food and restaurant industry, before bringing 20 years of design and marketing experience together as Beanwave.

As a client, you will have me personally involved in your projects, working in conjunction with a co-operative of like-minded thinkers and do-ers where required. This gives Beanwave the range of talents and flexibility to meet any size challenge head-on.

You can sum me up as: creative, inquisitive, strategic, with a freakishly obsessive eye for detail.



Award Winning Design Agency

We can state as a matter of fact that, yes indeed, this is an award-winning design agency. But you might argue that we peaked a little too soon. There is also a shadow cast over the judge of the award too… but first, let’s take a look at the winning work…


This is the winning poster design in a Buckinghamshire schools competition to design a poster for Stoke Mandeville Hospital. I was five at the time and only have a vague memory of collecting the award from the judge, Jimmy Saville. Thinking back, that’s probably for the best.

However, it taught me from an early age that maybe this graphic design lark could pay off somehow. Since then, I’ve gone on to win literally… no more design awards. Zilch. Nowt.

What I *have* achieved however, is a body of graphic design work that has stood out, been seen by hundreds of thousands of people and played a part in generating millions of pounds worth of sales. I get paid to do it. Clients keep coming back for more. And I love doing it. Want some?



Pool Table

We don’t have one.

Nor a think tank, PlayStation, hipster bar in the basement or any of those other agency clichés. We don’t have a “wear a tie on Wednesday” policy either.

We do, however, get the job done brilliantly. That’s our ‘thing’.